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مركز البحوث التطبيقية و الدراسات المتقدمة مجهز بالوسائل الضرورية لتحقبق مختلف أهداف المركز. و بعض الأجهزة المتاحة تشمل :

Volunteers Room

  • A fully equipped 36 bed air conditioned room.
Volunteers Room
Some of the available equipment includes:  


  • The most sensitive adopted technique for quantitative bioanalysis.
  • TQD (Tandem Quadrupole Detector) features the highest levels of tandem quadruple MS sensitivity and selectivity of UPLC/MS/MS.
  • This generates accurate and reliable data that can be used for a variety of different purposes, including Bioequivalence studies.
  • It is used in pharmacokinetics studies of different pharmaceutical products due to high sensitivity, specificity and shorter time of analysis.
  • It is used to quantify very small amounts of compounds measured in nanograms and even in picograms.
  • The applied sample may be plasma, serum, urine or non-aqueous solutions.


  • Aglient 6420 Triple Quadrupole

HPLC Connected to UV Detector

  • It is able to separate, identify, and quantify compounds based on their relative polarities and interactions with the column's stationary phase.
  • It provides high performance, high speed, and high productivity in preparative chromatography
  • The sample may be plasma, serum, urine or non-aqueous solutions.

HPLC Connected to Flourimetric Detector

Stability Cabinet

HPLC Connected to RI Detector


Gas Chromatograph

  • Used for separation and analysis of volatile thermostable substances.
Gas Chromatograph

Stability Cabinet

  • Used for accelerated stability studies at temperature of 40°C and RH 75 or shelf life stability studies at temperature 30°C and RH 65 through achieving the required humidity and temperature level.

Dissolution Apparatus

  • Reliable and robust.
  • Unique timesaving features including automatic start.
  • Meets all current USP, JP and EP requirements.
  • Measures and records temperature in each vessel.
  • Used to determine compliance with the dissolution requirements for solid dosage forms into dissolution media simulating the in vivo condition such as simulated gastric fluid (pH 1.2) or simulated intestinal fluid (pH 6.8).
Dissolution Apparatus

Disintegration Apparatus

  • Used to determine tablets and capsules disintegration time when placed in a liquid medium.
Disintegration Apparatus

Vacuum Concentrator

  • Used for rapid evaporation of solvents and thus concentrating the drug in the form of residue.
  • It is suitable for thermolabile substances as it works under vacuum so no need for high temperature.
Vacuum Concentrator

Brookfield Viscometer

  • Used for determination of viscosity of liquid and semisolid dosage forms to check for the compliance with the regulatory authorities.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

  • Characterization of membranes, lipids, nucleic acids and micellar systems.
  • Assessment of the effects of structural change on a molecule’s stability.
  • Measurement of ultra-tight molecular interactions
  • Assessment of biocomparability during manufacturing

-86°C Freezer

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