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The Faculty of Pharmacy awards its graduates the Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Clinical Pharmacy).


The Bachelor of the Clinical Pharmacy Program can be completed in five years (ten semesters) of full-time study. The program is structured into two semesters each year, each semester made up of 15 weeks. An optional 6 to 8 weeks summer semester is also offered.

The Faculty of Pharmacy implements the credit hours system. A credit hour represents as hour of lectures (L) or two hours of practical or tutorial (P/T) classes a week for a period of 15 weeks.


The Faculty complies with the admission regulation and requirements of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities (ESCU).


Academic advisors are available to help students choose the required courses from the list of the offered courses. Selection of courses for any give year is conditional on the successful completion of the prerequisite courses of the preceding academic year.


The course load is the number of registered credit hours per student each semester.

  • The academic load in each semester ranges from 12 to 22 credit hours.
  • The academic load in the summer semester ranges from 4 to 10 credit hours.


Every student should complete at least 200 hours (100 credit hr.) of training in pharmacy settings such as community or hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical firms or research institutes and universities and further 100 credit hours of clinical training in a teaching hospital. Students commence training after the end of the second year.


Students receive the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences degree (Clinical Pharmacy) upon completion of:

  1. The requisite number of credit hours (192 credit hours) divided on ten semesters.
  2. At least 200 hours (100 credit hours) of training in pharmacy setting.
  3. At least 100 credit hours of clinical training in a teaching hospital.

Add, Drop and Withdrawal

Students are allowed to add or drop a course or more during a specified time every semester. Students are allowed to withdraw from a course prior to a deadline set by the university. The course will carry a grade of "W" and students will be allowed to retake the course when available. Who withdraw after the deadline will not be allowed to sit for the relevant exam and will carry a grade of "F" for that course.


Students are expected to attend the university on a full-time basis during each semester. Attendance is checked during seminars, tutorials and labs. Students must attend at least 75% of the tutorials and practical labs. If absence in a course exceeds the allowed percentage (25%) during the first ten weeks of the semester (either excused or unexcused), the student will not be allowed to sit for the exam of the relevant subject and will carry grade of "F".

Language of Instruction

English is the official language of instruction; all communication, lectures, coursework, and documentation are performed using the English language.

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