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About the center:

Career and Entrepreneurship Center (FOPCC) aims to develop practical, professional, and digital skills, as well as entrepreneurship, to support students, graduates, and fresh graduates in making important decisions that lead to outstanding academic and professional success reflected in the community in the field of primary healthcare and communication with all sectors of society. This is achieved through high-quality courses, visits, workshops, programs, communication with the pharmaceutical market, studying the problems of the external community, and providing these services to all students and graduates inside and outside the college, qualifying them to compete in the local and international markets in a professional and proficient manner. Seminars are also held to increase awareness of all profession requirements and their impact on community, where the pharmacist is considered the beginning and the open door to providing services to the community, whether at the professional or awareness level.

Target Groups: Students & Fresh Graduates

Plan Fields:

  • Developing students' soft skills and professional skills.
  • Developing the basic skills of the pharmacy profession in both parts Patient & Drug oriented mentioned in the specifications of graduates in the standard academic standards NARS 2017 and international standards for the pharmacy profession and to achieve the fourth goal of the college's strategic goals, which is to upgrade the graduate's competitive skills in the field of pharmacy and its vision consistent with Egypt's vision 2030.


  • Collaborate with companies and hospitals interested in training students and have a strong program to integrate academia with the labor market.
  • Holding cooperation protocols with associations and institutions aimed primarily at developing the skills of students and graduates of faculties of pharmacy.
  • Seconding personalities with experience in the field of pharmacy profession from Egypt and abroad in the various pharmaceutical sectors to transfer their experiences through workshops or online webinars based on free discussions with students, graduates, and experts in the profession in a series of interactive meetings under the title (Meet and Talk with Your Career Mentor).
  • Organizing a full day (Experts, Alumni & Students Gathering Day) and open discussion meetings between students, experts and successful recent graduates in various fields of the pharmacy profession to exchange ideas and transfer their experiences in the profession and the requirements for mastering the profession by virtue of their presence in many fields of the pharmacy profession and to answer the outstanding questions in the minds of our students to plan for their future and face the challenges of the labor market.
  • Preparing a large program that includes all students of the final levels (Program Shadowing PCSP) to develop the student's professional skills in the actual work sites for a full day or at least 8 hours with the rotations system under the supervision of the college and follow-up of one of the profession experts at the work site and spend a full day with him, whether a hospital, company or pharmacy (details are attached to introduce the mechanism and objectives of the program for students and graduates).


Career and Entrepreneurship center (FOPCC) in faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University was founded in April 2012 as the newest and unique initiative presented by the faculty to empower & develop its students and graduates to fulfil the requirements of pharmacy professional through supporting the career pathway and bridging the gap between academia and career.

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