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Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry


The department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry is one of the principal departments in Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University. The department is concerned with academic preparation of both undergraduate and graduate students to participate effectively in the world wide modern drug discovery. The role played by Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-as a central science- in the pharmaceutical industry continues to be one of the main drivers in the drug discovery process.

Pharmaceutical organic chemistry has played the lead role in generating novel drug candidates-either by total synthesis or through modification of naturally occurring compounds- and in providing economical routes to the final products. The central role of organic synthesis in pharmaceutical discovery has become even more apparent with the maturation of the biotech industry, since increased understanding of biological function at molecular level has greatly enlarged the number of targets for drug discovery.


The Department aspires to occupy an eminent role in the pharmaceutical industry and services on national and international levels.


The Department provides educational effectiveness through keeping up with recent trends in academic curricula of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs through implementing advanced educational and learning strategy. The department also supports scientific research and international publications to occupy an eminent position in the community.

Objectives of the Department


The Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Department is committed to help each student to achieve his/her personal academic potential by creating an environment that promotes

  • Frequent interactions between faculty and students.
  • Independent though, collegial exchange of ideas and high ethical standards.
  • Development of innovative instructional techniques.
  • Use of modern educational technology in lecture and laboratory courses.
  • Increased opportunities and greater participation by underrepresented minorities.


The Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Department is committed to conduct research on fundamental and applied problems

  • Supporting scientific inquiry of significant nature by individual faculty and student investigators.
  • Promoting the development of innovative interdisciplinary research programs.


The Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Department is committed to enhance the public welfare and economic development through:

  • Outreach programs to chemistry students and educators.
  • Participation and leadership in professional organizations.
  • Development of strategic partnerships with other departments, academic institutions and chemical industry.
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