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S.NTitleAuthorDepartmentPagesPub. YearUniversityThesis TypeAttach (CD) or others
1ammi majus linnhamed anear abd allah abu shady Microbiology711948 Master 
2differentiation between ammivesnaga & amini majas by fluorescence analysis in ultra viole light & detection of sudanese tabacomohawwed abd el moneim hussienPharmacognosy941941 Master 
3characters and indentification tests the glucosidal constent and the active bitter principle of the fruits of ammivisnagal with acontribution to its galinical preparations devesion methods of assayabd elazez abdelrahmanPharmacology and Toxicology771943 Master 
8injectable iron preparationsaly aly kassem 411950 Master 
9synthesis of some ethanesulphonyl barbituric acids ethylsulphone barbituric acidsfathi el said 1251944 Master 
11new dithizone titrimetric method for the micro determination of thalliumm.m. amerAnalytical Chemistry1481951 Master 
12a comparison of the toxicity of the egyptian variety and that of ascaridolmahmoud abd el moity el kaiy 581941 Master 
13comparative study of the different methods of assay of colchicum seedsmohamed mohamed motawiPharmacognosy1121942 Master 
14a contribution to the assaying of calabar seanabou el ela abdel kaderPharmacology and Toxicology181940 Master 
18esserine sulphat eye drop its stability and the value of each of boric acid ,benzoic acid, salicylic acid and carbon dicxide as preservativeabou el ela abdel kaderPharmacology and Toxicology391940 Master 
19esserine sulphate eye drop its stability and the value of each of boric acid, bensoic acid, salicalic acid carbon dioxide as preservativeabou al ela abdelkaderPharmacology and Toxicology381940 Master 
22the chemistry of p. dimetl yasmine bengadayele canobis reactionmohamed elshahat moh. abotabl 1741941 Master 
23dolour reactions of cannabis resin with aldehydes and certain ketonesyehya mahmoud abou zeid  631942 Master 
24a contribution to the analysis of gamoose butter fatmohamed abdel monem abul fadlAnalytical Chemistry1391943 Master 
25chromatographic and spectrographic assay of alkaloidskamel khalifa hussinBiochemistry841950 Master 
26some applications of spectrophotometry to biochemical problemkamel khalifa hussinBiochemistry1511955 PhD 
27contributions to the quantitative examination of powderded vegetable drugs either singly or in admixtureabdel azim hifni sabirPharmaceutical1451934LondonPhD 
30studies on the purification and properties of phosphomonoesterasesmohammed abdul monem abul fadl 1821948LondonPhD 
31the combined effect of penicillin and of sulphonamides in infections with gram negative organismsabdelwahab ali el borolossy 1301949 PhD 
32a phytochemical study of amperosia martitina lisurehamed a. abo shady 561951 PhD 
33the effect of visammin on human bloodmaurice n. mikhailBiochemistry751952 PhD 
34an experimental investigation on the active constitueuts of lansenia inernisibrahim fahim 531953 PhD 
36preparation and stability of hydrogen proxide solutionssiadat ahmed zakiPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry2001958 Master 
37non staining ioden preparationsetidal mohammed nour el din 1101958 Master 
40standardisation of tabletsabdel monem elfoliPharmaceutics1491957 Master 
42synthesis of certain fuclear derivatives of isonicotonic acid of expected an tituserculous activityzakaria ibrahim gad Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1001957 Master 
44synthesis of certain glycols likely to substitute glysrin in pharmaceutical usersnazla ahmed mohamed harbPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1181957 Master 
47the synthesis p. amins resoreytic acid dermatives e. n. gabaliPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry741955 Master 
48biological value of date palm pollenlucy soliman Biochemistry1151958 Master 
50a study of entrattment during the distillation of water ahmed fathi sayed ahmed habeeb 1711954 PhD 
51nicotinic acid in certain animal medicinal plant tissues and biological fluidsmohamed rabei el zawahryBiochemistry1891957 PhD 
56an experimental study of the stability and prfservation of physostigmme salysalate in aqurous mediumaly aly kassem Pharmaceutics2331957 PhD 
57synthesis of new organic antinomy compounds likely to possess antibilherzial activityhassan mahmoud nour el dinPharmaceutical 1958 PhD 
58synthesis of new organic antimony compounds likely to possess antibilharzial activityhassan mahmoud nour el dinPharmaceutical1061958 PhD 
60die vier isomerenmohamed gamal nour el din  821958 PhD 
64the examination of certain galemical preparations and thier conistituted by spot testsabd elaziz abdel rahmanPharmaceutics1361958 PhD 
65analytical study of the different typs of rancidity that occur in oils and fatsabdel kader sayed ahmedPharmaceutical1951959 Master 
69a chromatographic study of nitrogenous adducts of morphine and some related analgesics of a mixture of vanillin and coumarin and of a mixture of camphor and borneol of isoborneolmohamed saad el din karawyaPharmacognosy2071959 PhD 
73synthesis of certain choline derevatives of expecyed chollnergic activitye. n. gabaliPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1541960 PhD 
78synthesis of new sulpha compounds of expected therapeutic valuezakria ibrahim gadPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1231960 PhD 
80a comparative pharmacognostical study of certain species of the genus ephedra growing in egyptsamia mohamed abd el wahabPharmacognosy2501960 Master 
84chromatographical study for certain official essential oilsshawky khalil wahbaPharmacognosy2431960 PhD 
86a contribution to the study of certain vegetable purgatives containing anthracsne derivatives growing in egyptalbert tewfek awadPharmacognosy2681960 Master 
89a pharmacognostical study of datura ferox linngrown in egyptashgan yousef zakiPharmacognosy1891960 Master 
92further investigations for stability of hydrogen peroxide solutionssiadat ahmed zakiPharmaceutics4451960 PhD 
95comparative studies on the chemical conistituements of different varieties of syrian olive oildalal el munajjed Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1291960 Master 
97pharmacological studies on the anthelmintic property of some egyptian plantsedward shenoda bishayPharmacology and Toxicology2001961 Master 
100analytical study for the composition of lettuce seed oil and certain other oilsasaad ahmed saidAnalytical Chemistry1671961 PhD 
102a contribution to tablet manufacturing & coatingabd el monem el fouliPharmaceutics1061961 PhD 
104some binuclear compounds amalogous to steroid hormonesfawzy rashed abou el kheirPharmaceutical1661961 Master 
106methods of analysis of certain oil soluble vitamins ( vitamin e ) in medicinal preparationspamela girgisAnalytical Chemistry2371961 Master 
108synthesis of certain heterocyvlic basis derivatives of expected amoebiclidal activitykhadega mansour ghoneimPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1151962 Master 
111studies in the rancidity of oils and fatsabdel kader sayed ahmedAnalytical Chemistry2221962 PhD 
114biochemical aspects of semenlucy solimanBiochemistry1941962 PhD 
115manufacture of certain vitamin tabletswageeh a. f. darwishPharmaceutics1991962 Master 
117the characterisation , determination and separation of certain acyl glycives as possible metabolitessamy elsayed selimAnalytical Chemistry1391962 Master 
119stability and evaluations in pharmaceutical preparationsatiat ibrahim eidPharmaceutical2011962 Master 
121nicotin acid in biological fluids & urine mohamed nabil elzawahry 731949 Master 
122uric acid and allantoin in urins and in amniotic fluidel sayed gamal el masry  821955 Master 
123the chemistry of tobacco and its identificationabd el aziz amin  1171945 Master 
125the synthesis of certain new debivatives of stilbeneabdel rahim mohamed ghazal 881951 Master 
127thallous acstats investigations carried out under the supervisionmaurice nicola mikhailPharmacology and Toxicology921942 Master 
128a contribution to the study of hyoscyamus muticus l. in relation to its macro and micromorphology ,ecology and chemistryshafik ibrahim balbaaPharmacognosy2211950 Master 
129adrenalin its stability and the value of each of chloretone ahmed mohamed hussein 1041942 Master 
130studies on estimetion of serum bilirubinmohsen el dansoury 481952 Master 
131aquametry in pharmacopoeial drugsshoukry khalil wahbaPharmacognosy771956 Master 
132a study of the essential oils in the jasmen flowers 'jasminum grandiflorum'moustafa lotfyPharmaceutics551949 Master 
133estimation of riboflavin in urine and its excretion as a diagnosis of vitamin b2 subnutritionm. m. abdel khalik el misseknyBiochemistry1081950 Master 
134antibiotics with special reference to a newly discovered onem. el mekkawy 731946 Master 
135biochemical studies onpenicillium notatum with a discribtion of a new medium for its growthnagy wahba 791945 Master 
136a contribution to the galinical and pharmacological study of ammi majus ( linne ) and its conistituentsraouf e. hakimPharmacognosy2031955 Master 
137a study of some egyptian vegetable drugsmahmoud abdel moity el keiyPharmacognosy1431936 Master 
138micro & seninicro estinayion of arsenicahmed farag 91  Master 
139micro and simi micro estimation of anatomy in solutions and biological fluidsaemad abd el moneim farag 811954 PhD 
140new organic arsenic compounds of expected medicinal valuea. abdel rahman abo ouofPharmaceutical741953 PhD 
141new dithizone methods for the micro determination of metalsmohamed mohamed amerAnalytical Chemistry1201954 PhD 
142new spectrophotometric and flourometric methods of assay for alexandria semna leaves ( cassia a cotifolia delile ), applicable to all the emodin group of drugsismail amin abdel latif  2151948 PhD 
144some applications of spectrophotometry to biochemical problemskamel khalifa husseinBiochemistry1511955 PhD 
145the vitamin content of market preparations the need for an assay laboratory with a discussion of the encloyed in the assay of vitamins a, b, c, &dmohamed ragai fikry 1641943 Master 
147the determination of anionic detergents in the presence of biological materialsyehia mostafa dessoukyPharmaceutical2181962 PhD 
148a contribution to the preparation & standardisation of malt extract prepared from egyptian cerealsetidal m. nour el dinPharmaceutics2021963 PhD 
150synthesis of derivatives of 4- amino 1- naphthoic acid likely to possess tuberculostatic activityel hoseny m. abdallaPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1221962 Master 
152colour reactions of comalisresin with oldehydes of certain ketouesyehia mahmoud abou zeidBiochemistry641942 Master 
153a contribution to the analysis of gamoose butter fat mohamed abdel monem abul fadlBiochemistry1391943 Master 
154chemical and spectrophotometric investigation of egyptian butter fat and of certain other fats and oilsasaad ahmed saidAnalytical Chemistry1231958 Master 
157comparative pharmacognostical and phytochemical studies of certain digitals species cultivated in egyptsamia mohamed abd el wahabPharmacognosy3131963 PhD 
158a pharmacognostical study of certain solanum species grown in egyptashgan youssef zakiPharmacognosy3131963 PhD 
162the effect of humidity on tablets and thier active ingredientsezzat helmy girgisPharmaceutics2111963 Master 
164sex hormone like action of certain vitamins with special reference to their action on the uteruseugene habib cassis 1071963 Master 
166synthesis of certain derevatives of dieenzofuran of expected analgesic activityahmed farid abou hadidPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1321963 Master 
169the pharmacological action of substituted amino esters and the corresponding quaternary ammonium salts of triterpenic acids belonging to the alpha and beta amyrin groupezz el din m. el densharyPharmacology and Toxicology791964 Master 
173synthesis of some oral hypoglycemic sulphonylurea derivativesmahmoud mohamed aly hassanPharmaceutical2161964 Master 
177pharmacological studies onthe egyptian zygophyllum speciessamir fahmi saadPharmacology and Toxicology2501964 Master 
180some applications of flame photometry to biochemical problemskamal khalifa husseinBiochemistry1121964 PhD 
184certain applications of some ion exchange methods in pharmaceuticsalia a. badawyPharmaceutics2271964 Master 
188a contribution to the pharmacognostical study of the leaves of certain eucalyptus species cultivated in egyptkhadiga abd el halim assemPharmacognosy2621964 Master 
189synthesis of some nitrogen mustard compounds expected to be anticancermohamed mahmoud el kerdawiPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1901963 Master 
190a study of the antigenic constitution of some helminthic parasites by immunological reactionsali abdel salamMicrobiology160 cambridgePhD 
191synthesis of certain imidazole derivatives expected physiological activityhamdi m. ragabPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry1591964 Master 
194the preparation of granules and tablets of delayed and sustained release of medicamentsabd el halim ibrahim el assasiPharmaceutics3501964 Master 

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