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Department of Pharmaceutics & Industrial Pharmacy


Pharmaceutics is the science of dosage form design and its performance. It is much more than a single area of science; it encompasses a spectrum of diverse scientific disciplines. The domain of research extends from fundamental studies of the physicochemical properties of drugs and related molecules to dosage forms and delivery systems, including investigations of the mechanisms of various physiological processes which impact on the delivery of drugs to specific sites of action and, therefore, on their therapeutic effectiveness. The complexity and size of drug molecules and problems in their delivery have grown, providing new and expanded challenges for pharmaceutical scientists. Protein pharmaceuticals and gene delivery methods are providing additional exciting opportunities.


The Department of Pharmaceutics seeks to be recognized nationally and internationally for innovation in pharmaceutical education and research, by:

  1. Offering high-quality education on undergraduate and graduate levels.
  2. Excelling in research in the field of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy.
  3. Serving the community through the industrial pharmaceutical sector in Egypt.


The Department of Pharmaceutics is completely dedicated to:

  1. Optimize the teaching process, to develop and update the pharmaceutical curriculum to cope with the rapid development in this field.
  2. Prepare a pharmacist with various skills in the formulation, evaluation and industrialization of different pharmaceutical dosage forms and advanced drug delivery systems.
  3. Promote the research work to solve the industrial problems and develop the pharmaceutical products.
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