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Academic Advising

The faculty assigns for each group of students an academic advisor from the faculty staff members who carries out the tasks of care and guidance and is responsible for the student in scientific, social and psychological affairs and guides him in everything related to his university life. In addition, assists students in choosing courses from the list of courses offered by the faculty in each semester

The Academic council Committee was assembled by the faculty to support the students and solve their academic problems. The committee is affiliated to the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs.

Duties of the Committee:

  • Dealing with academic complaints from students through the complaint boxes or through personal interviews between students and committee coordinators.
  • Finding a solution to the problems in cooperation with the committee coordinator of the study group and the faculty vice dean for education and student affairs.
  • Inform the student after resolving the complaint (if the name is found on the complaint).

Contact with the Academic Council Committee via E-mail:

Academic counsel for first level students acad.counsel1@pharma.cu.edu.eg
Academic counsel for second level studentsacad.counsel2@pharma.cu.edu.eg
Academic counsel for third year students acad.counsel3@pharma.cu.edu.eg
Academic counsel for fourth year students acad.counsel4@pharma.cu.edu.eg
Academic counsel for fifth year students acad.counsel5@pharma.cu.edu.eg
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