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Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University COVID-19 Resources

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Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (FOPCU) Efforts:

  • Link to all Cairo University PubMed-indexed Publications
  • Community Awareness Newsletters:
  • FOPCU-Curated Clinical Trials:

    • باحثو كلية الصيدلة وطلبة الدراسات العليا يقومون بعمل مسح مستمر للأبحاث المنشورة، وأحد هذه المبادرات عمل جدول يتم تحديثه باستمرار يجمع التجارب السريرية التي تم نشرها حتى الآن من جميع دول العالم

    The researchers of the College of Pharmacy and graduate students are conducting a continuous survey of published research, and one of these initiatives is the work of a constantly updated schedule that collects clinical trials published so far from all countries of the world.

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Last update 1 November 2021

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